The SSM Movement

What does the logo symbolize?
In faith and love we are God’s people, committed to mission, ministry, and building community.
We are Eucharistic people – blessed, broken, and given.
We are the hands of God whose Grace flows through us to others.
As the people of God, we are called to grow spiritually, be committed to building community, to respond in ministry, and to live a life of gratitude.

Who are the SSM Associates?

The SSM Movement, whereby Catholic laity and clergy who wish to be formally joined to the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother in their search for holiness in the service of the Church, began in June, 1983. These Associates, while not members, share in some of the spiritual heritage of the Congregation and bring their own giftedness to the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother for the sake of the kingdom.

Associates are men and women of deep faith who respond to their Baptismal Call to nurture and deepen their spiritual life. They embrace the values and ministries of the Sisters and encourage each other on their spiritual journey with mutual acceptance and respect.

SSM Associates accept the uniqueness of this call and pledge their giftedness, with the Sisters, to build the Christian community of faith.

Why become an SSM Associate?

Associates are given the opportunity to:

♦ Grow spiritually through days of sharing, retreats and fellowship

♦ Study, reflect and integrate the Franciscan spirit in their lives

♦ Build Christian community and further the kingdom of God through shared ministries

♦ Collaborate with others in advocating for those who suffer because of poverty; and in fostering a society of justice, peace and love

What does an SSM Associate do?

They are often found in:

♦ Parish ministries such as being a Eucharistic minister, teaching religion classes to youth or participating in parish musicians groups/choir

♦ Community ministries such as Meals on Wheels, collecting clothing, food, toys and other items for the needy or visiting nursing homes and the homebound

♦ Social justice and advocacy ministries

♦ Volunteering their time and talents in a wide range of other ministries – from grief counseling to spiritual growth activities to collecting supplies and donations for the SSM missions

What does it take to become an SSM Associate?

♦ A strong desire to share gifts and talents in furthering the kingdom of God and the mission of the Sisters

♦ The willingness and the ability to participate in realizing the mission and ministry of the Sisters through action or prayer

♦ A mature interdependence and openness to grow

♦ The ardent wish to deepen one’s own spiritual life

What are the responsibilities of an SSM Associate?

♦ Attend cluster meetings or to join one’s prayers with/for active members

♦ Participate in planned Days of Sharing and Retreats as one is capable

♦ Devote time each day to prayer and mediation

♦ Participate in Community and Associate events as one is able

How Do I Become an Associate?

1 – A person desiring to become an Associate is referred by a Sister or Associate to the Associates Director

2 – The Associate share mutual expectations in a personal interview with the Director

3 – The prospective Associate participates in an orientation process, prayer and reflection

4 – The prospective Associate completes an application and submits it to the Director

5 – An Expression of Commitment is mutually agreed upon by the prospective Associate and Director

6 – There is a Ceremony of Commitment and Acceptance annually

Learn more about becoming an SSM Associate by contacting:

Sr. Sherri Marie Kuhn
Director of the SSM Associates
815 S. Westhaven Drive, Suite 100
Oshkosh, WI 54904

The SSM Movement has gained momentum since it began in the late 1970s, and, over the years, Associates have:

– Completed hundreds of mission projects

– Held countless food and supply drives

– Served at food kitchens, parishes, SSM celebrations, hospitals, AIDS shelters, jails, neighborhood centers, after-school and with the terminally ill

– Organized prayer groups, celebrations with and for SSMs, retreats, meetings with other religious communities, and work on housing needs of the local poor

– Coordinated garage sales, bake sales, bingo and other fundraisers to raise funds for the poor, sick and needy

– Performed yard work, sewing, painting and other handiwork for SSM ministries

– Served in SSM missions overseas

– Helped strengthen communities through prayer and volunteer work in countless other ways


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