Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother

To Bring Fuller Life to Others

By Revealing God's Love For All

The Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother ~ St. Clare of Assisi Region

The Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother participate in the mission of Jesus to bring fuller life to others by revealing
the love of God for all, especially the poor.

Mother Frances silo

"May the poor always enjoy the friendship of our sisters."

- Mother Frances Streitel

Mother Frances silo

"Humanity conceals two jewels in its midst and so seldom appreciates their value – they are the poor and the sick."

- Mother Frances Streitel

Mother Frances silo

“Prayer and work must go hand in hand and like twin sisters, strive to remedy the spiritual and social misery of [humankind].”

- Mother Frances Streitel


Stories of the Sisters

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Sister Judy and Sister Lucille at the Border

Here are Sister Judy (right) and Sister Lucille at the border in El Paso, Texas, earlier this year, where they were volunteering to help immigrants and refugees. Can you see the Holy Spirit in this photo?

Sister Judy and Sister Lucille ministered to immigrants and refugees for three weeks in El Paso, Texas in February, 2019. They volunteered through Annunciation House, which has 25 sites, including all the churches and organizations helping with donations, transportation and meals. On average, they process 350 individuals every day. The Sisters of Loretto provided them with housing during their stay.

Sister Judy served as a pediatric nurse and Sister Lucille spent a lot of her time translating, as she is bilingual. They also spent much of their time preparing meals, transporting families to airports and bus stations, doing laundry, organizing supplies and providing basic necessities to the arrivals, who had often been traveling under dire conditions for days. The majority of the guests were from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Both the Sisters’ time and talents were invaluable and very appreciated by those in need.

“I was amazed at the magnitude, efficiency and loving care of their operation and felt a sense of great pride for all that our Church and so many other churches are doing with and for the people on the margins,” said Sister Judy.

Thank you Sisters for your service to help those in need!

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